Miami Allies in Carbondale

It’s been a busy week! I usually post about every other day, but this is the busiest I’ve been since relocating to Southern Illinois. Luckily, it’s mostly been good news.

All of the details for the Miami Allies weekend here in Carbondale are coming together nicely. Some of the students at Gaia House were able to help me reserve a few different rooms on campus for local discussions and telepresence rooms to connect us with participants in other cities. I’ve used simple telepresence tools before, but they have some pretty advanced ideas they want to try.

Part of it involves stringing together small conference rooms from four or more cities together into a single virtual conference room. I’ve been to a meeting where they did that with two conference rooms, but if they can do what they have in mind, this will be so much bigger. They say it’s going to offer some of the same excitement you get from having a huge international conference, but with a lot less travel and fossil fuel use involved, and a lot more inclusion of people who are low income, people who can’t travel, disenfranchised people. These are people who often get excluded from huge conferences even when the organizers mean well. The way we’re running it, any random person can walk in off the street for free and participate in this big conference about global warming and Miami with people from around the world. That is beautiful to me. I’m happy to have so many people here who are helping to make it happen.

The only bad news is that the anti-green militias are making trouble. There are several small militias around here who have formed a coalition. They say that the university is being taken over by Green Front and that everyone who shows up at the conference should be arrested for treason. They will be marching and protesting all weekend, probably with as many guns as they’re legally allowed to carry, if not more.

This isn’t even supposed to be a protest event, unless you count the one big permitted march that we’re doing at the end just to demonstrate how many of us showed up to the event in each city. But they’re turning it into a protest event. It reminds me of all the chaos at the panel discussion a while ago. I really don’t like it.

And they won’t be alone. There will also be a pro-green militia called the Green Guard. They openly identify as Green Front, but they’re very careful about obeying the law, so they haven’t been arrested or disbanded by the government. Not yet, anyway. They’re actually fairly quiet and private, but they show up at times like this to make sure the anti-greens don’t flip out and massacre everyone. The anti-greens aren’t specifically threatening violence, but that one guy seemed very hot-headed at the panel discussion, so you never know.

As much as I tend to avoid guns myself, I do feel a little safer knowing that the Green Guard will be there. I just hope it all stays peaceful. This is all just about helping solve some serious problems in Miami and in the world. If people can keep their tempers and egos in check, everything else should go smoothly.


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