Goodbye, Miami

Goodbye, Miami.

My name’s Kass and I’m a survivor of Hurricane Florence. Needless to say, I just had the craziest weekend in my whole entire life.

On June 6, 2030, a Category 5 hurricane made landfall in southern Florida. Even with modern disaster protocols in place, it’ll still take weeks to figure out just how many people were killed and how much property was destroyed. Early estimates suggest that at least 700 people died in the storm itself and many more died in the aftermath. Tens of thousands of others have been displaced by storm damage. A hundred times that number will ultimately be displaced permanently if state and federal officials can’t find a way to deal with the flooding and power outages.

Unless Homeland Security has a fifty billion gallon Shop-Vac, there’s nothing they can do.

The city of Miami is currently underwater. Of course, everyone on Fox News says that we’re being alarmists. “It’s only a few feet,” they say. “It’ll be cleaned up in no time,” they say. “There are still some dry spots,” they say.

But I’ve lived in Miami my whole life. I’ve also been reading about global warming since I was a little girl. Sea level keeps rising faster and faster. I’ve been saying for years now that this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. There’s no getting that water out of there permanently and no chance for a real recovery if most of the city is underwater.

And so, just like that, Miami has fallen, and I’ve become an American climate refugee.

They have a FEMA camp farther inland for the refugees with nowhere else to go. Luckily, though, I have a cousin in Illinois who’s taking me in as her roommate. Illinois isn’t really my cup of tea, but it beats going to a FEMA camp. And Alejandra es mi chica favorita, so there’s that. I haven’t seen her offline in years! I’m really looking forward to seeing her smiling face again. She’s like the sister I never had.

Anyway, I’m getting really tired. It’s been an exhausting weekend and this train is so much more comfortable than the bus was. I’ll post more about my crazy weekend next time. In the meantime, all my thoughts and prayers go out to the other survivors and the only city I’ve ever called home.


My name is Kass and I'm an American climate refugee. This blog is the story of my life after leaving Miami in the wake of Hurricane Florence in June of 2030. I'm pleased to announce that Goodbye Miami is now an ebook! Please check out the ebook for the full text of all entries: Goodbye Miami on Amazon. Thanks for your support!