Goodbye Miami Ebook

Goodbye Miami coverGoodbye Miami is now an ebook!

Kass, an American climate refugee, flees Miami in the wake of a hurricane that leaves most of the city underwater. After moving in with her cousin in Southern Illinois, Kass struggles to deal with her displacement. She hopes to find a way to return to the city that she loves. But thanks to global warming, that city is now underwater. What starts as a search for survival quickly evolves into a struggle for the future of Miami — and the world.

The Goodbye Miami ebook compiles all of the entries from this blog into a single easy to read volume. It includes an introduction by Treesong, a Southern Illinois author and “real life superhero” who published the ebook for Kass. Treesong donates 10% of the proceeds of Goodbye Miami and his other books to climate-related charities.


My name is Kass and I'm an American climate refugee. This blog is the story of my life after leaving Miami in the wake of Hurricane Florence in June of 2030. I'm pleased to announce that Goodbye Miami is now an ebook! Please check out the ebook for the full text of all entries: Goodbye Miami on Amazon. Thanks for your support!