Indefinite Detention

We received some disturbing news today. All of the thousands of people who were arrested in the “Green Purge” earlier this week are being detained indefinitely as domestic terrorists.

The news reached Synergy Central a couple of hours before it became public knowledge. Several lawyers in Miami Diaspora have been working with a few other lawyers from around the country to form a legal defense team for the people arrested in these raids. The legal team has been trying for days to get more detailed information about who was in custody where and how to contact them. They were starting to assume that it was indefinite detention, but they heard official news early this morning. It took them a couple of hours to confirm the news and release a public statement, but we found out almost immediately through our contacts in Miami Diaspora.

So what does this mean?

The legal team was outraged. Everybody I know is outraged. Not surprised, of course. This isn’t the first time an American citizen has been subjected to indefinite detention as a terrorism suspect. But it’s usually just one or two. This is the first time so many people have been detained for such frivolous reasons. Keep in mind that as far as we can tell, some of these people have never even been involved in any type of direct action or civil disobedience. Sure, some were involved in demonstrations, but others were just “advocating” or “assisting” in some way.

Basically, if you advocate finally ending our use of fossil fuels, you might disappear.

¡Dios mío! What is this country coming to? I love this country, but things like this make me scared to even live here anymore.

One of the scariest things to me is that we probably won’t know anytime soon who has been detained. If someone has green leanings, and they disappeared this week, then they were probably arrested. But can we be sure? Maybe they fled and they’re out there somewhere, going underground, freezing to death in an alley, out in the woods somewhere, who knows. Or maybe they were wounded in a raid and they’re in a hospital or morgue somewhere. If they weren’t carrying their ID — because they got woken up in the middle of the night by police or Bastion! — it might take a while to figure out who they are and what happened to them.

The lawyers are insisting that the government release the names of everyone who they arrested or attempted to arrest. But that involves paperwork, of course, and paperwork takes time. In the meantime, they’re confident that almost two thousand people have been affected, but possibly twice that number. They just set up a public website and phone number to help people who think someone they know has been arrested. The reports are trickling in.

It will take time to sort this all out. I half-expected another surge of wild demonstrations in response to this. But actually the demonstrations have started to quiet down. Everybody here at Synergy Central is pretty tense. I’ve heard it’s the same in other cities. People are upset by this revelation, and they want to do something, but they also don’t want to get disappeared. There have been a few outbursts of spontaneous protest and even violence from the people whose friends and families are being indefinitely detained. But most people are just taking a deep breath, sorting it all out, and figuring out their next move.

I know that’s what I’m doing. I’m really wondering what to do next. I have no idea. What do you do when your government starts getting more and more aggressive with its use of things like no-knock raids, indefinite detention, treating green-minded people as terrorists, and so on?

Right now, all I know how to do is demand for those people to be set free and keep working on my positive projects in the meantime. But really, we can’t keep going on like this. Something needs to change.


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