August 2

Happy Monday! As you may have noticed, everyone’s been talking about the call to action from Miami Diaspora. Local people, internet people, TV people, even the President. Needless to say, I’ve had a busy weekend.

I don’t have much experience as an organizer. My mom was an organizer, and I’ve done some work and volunteering for nonprofits — canvassing, cleanups, homeless outreach, that type of thing. But there’s a big difference between showing up to an event and organizing an event. Lately, I’ve been learning all about the difference.

There are so many details to take care of! The devil’s in the details. When other people in Miami Diaspora started talking about the Miami Meetups, I thought it would be very simple, at least for me. Carbondale isn’t very big, so I thought I would just carpool to St. Louis with a few friends for the St. Louis meetup. But this call to action has everyone itching to get involved. So now we’re having what is basically two conferences on the same weekend — the small Miami Meetups conference we originally planned and a big Miami Allies conference.

Carbondale is definitely big enough for Miami Allies. We had a few hundred people show up on campus just to hear a few speakers talk about the situation in Miami. Now we’re going to have a global teleconference. I’m sure we’ll get at least as many people for this one. And I don’t even know what to do with them all. Which is bad news because Miami Diaspora has asked me to be the lead organizer!

I’ve never organized anything like this before. I feel like would be lost without Jess and Ermete here to help me get it done. Jess has put me in touch with a few people from Gaia House, the Integral Ecology Initiative, the Shawnee Green Party, and Southern Illinois 350 who are all eager to help. Ermete knows a few tech wizards who are just as eager to handle the telepresence aspect of the conference. There will be people here having old fashioned face-to-face meetings and conversations, but a lot of the action will involve using telepresence to connect us with people in other cities. Some organizers already do this on a small scale, but Ermete says that this may end up being the biggest town hall style teleconference ever. I guess we’ll see. Everyone I meet is talking about this, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

That’s all I have time for at the moment. Now that we’re planning a local Miami Ally event, there are so many details to consider — location, transportation, food, security, maybe even places to stay for people who live in the smaller towns around here and want to spend the whole weekend here. That’s a tall order for two weeks, even for people like Jess and Ermete who have done stuff like this before. Alejandra has never really done anything like this either, so she’s mostly just showing her support by reminding me to eat, sleep, and unwind every now and then. She’s also letting me borrow the Tesla every now and then to run errands. I’m so lucky to have mi prima here for all of this!

I’ll have more news soon, I’m sure. In the meantime, please, feel free to tell me what’s going on in your part of the world. Are you organizing a Miami Meetup or a Miami Ally event? Do you live in Miami or somewhere else that’s really hurting from the effects of global warming? Let me know!


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